Connect the Dot. Review God’s plans and progress on me. Fight envy/bitterness with transparency.

  • connecting the dot with God’s plans: for this time of reviewing what God has developed within me and how He lead (I believe as God’s plans) me through. and my plans and adjust it.
  • great Saturday yesterday (spouse repeated it a few time). An slept a lot and was genki the whole day. we had brunch at world neighbor, then swimming class. An did well at swimming and she was able to enjoy ice-cream w. her swimming buddy. Spouse seems have good time with technical details (he’s learning or preparing for a technical interview). I enjoy a slow day. I brought them to afternoon tea and earn a satisfaction from everyone ^^. sit a a bright and comfortable sofa table. reading a bit the new book working-backward. … started on a good movie … and thankfully be able to get An on bed not too late time.
  • I am grateful for everything happening for me now and before. I see the dot connected. I fell God’s lead and help. My future is bright for sure. It could be later than others. But I have hope I am on the right track and have the right hope (the Lord)
  • sleep trouble and temperature change during the night
  • scrum master role, conflict and trust at work, stressful team atmosphere, team processes
  • commit to my adjusted plan with humble and loving heart in the 2nd half of the year
  • she is a people magnet
  • First we must confess our envy to God himself. To confess is to experience the freedom of forgiveness.
  • God has also provided a system by which we can experience freedom within a community. James 5:16 commands us to do something terrifying and unnatural: “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”
  • 詩篇 32:3–5 私には、罪を認めたくない時がありました。
  • ヤコブの手紙 5:16 ですから、互いに罪を告白し、祈り合いなさい。正しい人の祈りは大きな力があり、驚くほどの効果があります
  • 私の罪は跡形もなく消えたのです。



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My daily battles along with faith