Confident about my competence and insist on deep learn what have long term value, even I might feel different, isolated like I feel at work right now. I have purpose. I will continue my race to the end .. aiming to be a loving character, including others in my life and show examples of servant leadership (not insist on my plan but what is providing ..)

  • growth: grateful seeing my little and slow growth in mindset vs. same time 2 years ago. in
  • pregnancy issue: big change in our plan to fly to VN again. wasn’t convincible at first but now I am thankful that God is protecting us and still open the door for flexible change: An and spouse to go home, while I’m here for rest.
  • daily joy, An’s observation: An had a whole day to play nintendo, doing programming and then play pockemon game. spouse told me that let her do so because it is summer vacation. She was very genki at until bed time. she is such a joy of our lives and eyes.
  • deep learn: .. intent to learn the process of split index weblab but not confident about the value of it. still it should take the opportunity to deep learn it as it is an important skill.
  • simplify service: dinner was simple w. care and nan from muji and one set bought from the restaurant. grateful.
  • content about my competent: grateful that I was awared of it. fam care competence and work competence. it isn’t the best season now but I am grateful for all the option still pouring into our house hold. I need to continue my race training until the very end.
  • set boundaries: both fam (quiet breakfast) and work (weblab) and focus on the long-term things
  • my radar: the email subscription about an executive mom wrote a good book recently about positive feedback, shared about her trip w. her son to paris while continue offering consultation for corporate clients in 3 continent, was such an inspiring. it is the era to do so, probably. I have hope to build it up for myself. How I do it as a science tech role is not yet clear. amen. but I am inspired about her case and a.imagir case of leverage our accumulated expertise to have a dual life: the joy of being w. fam and the fun of build up ourselves with work. amen. maybe I could start doing data science consultation for small business from this maternaty leave.
  • 1st of all: prioritize my capacity: health, time and mental. which is the important source for me to follow the calling of God. (first drop my expectation on work, manager’s expectation. pick up a new concept: set boundaries) amen. → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW
  • 2nd of all: vision to invest the right things to An. she is at peak of consuming knowledge and discovering the world through experience and people connection → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW. more Physical activities. 🛫 and next year-long challenge: make right responsibility to our children.
  • 3rd of all: expand to include others to our lives (fam lives and connect group lives) e.g. team, vnese mom communities, ballet mom communities ? scientists around the world? .. pray for it. do it purposefully → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW. 🛫
  • build up my confidence as 1st lady of the Jesus: decent attire and inclusive attitude when being within social community. → → 🌸 opportunity coming NOW NOW
  • yesterday: wake up 7pm | clean hour | clean Na room and throw away things | not cheat but try to communicate (in trying to understand her emotion) my need for quiet time and journal alone | 2 hour journal and quiet at copain until 12pm. simple lunch at home. nap till 3pm. python code interview at copain till 5:30pm. cook dinner. one piece and news together. prepare for HKIS chiba. an on bed 10:30pm. XY. on bed 11:30pm.
  • invisible life: clean={exercise and moving during work hour}. count ={XY is great}. thought = {somehow the hardest sin is to follow our own desire/plan 「… 思い通りになりたい …」vs. put it aside and follow what is provided in front of me .. I thought about mom .. maybe she loves jobs .. maybe it was the only spot she feels success and her value. off course its mixing w. love and money for us .. her goodness made us today. we could go to school, ate good food .. if she was happy, good for her .. God takes care of her. from me only gratefulness and tell my children about her is good.} calling = {build my own “company” (fam, team) why coincidence? from dad, spouse, nikkei “全部自分でやろうとしない”}
  • seek guidance: worship={Godd who listens. Peace. ♪ Life is hard but God is good}. Bible={my key to get life sorted out in Jesus. let no sin rule over me. angels are spiritual creature serve God, protect us. Jesus is the annointed Messiah. Ask God to reveal area of life that I need to change. perhaps work-love(addition) and try everything by my own.🛫}
  • pray: thanksgiving = {fam, home in this world. protection and providing in corona. desire to be more loveful in understanding other’s kimochi}. for me={reveal what I need to change. judge my desire of having my team}. for others={protect us in corona era. for fam and neighbors to seek and find God. for ppl in authority to listen and do God’s wills}
  • Biblical Success — Running the Race of Our Lives: 5 — What Does Winning Look like? I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” II Timothy 4:7 NKJV. “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.” Revelation 22:12 NKJV. We don’t know how long our race of life will be or when it will end. But we all do know that it will end. At some point Jesus will come for us one at a time or all at one time and we will be transformed. We will “put off the mortal and put on the immortal” and enter into a new form of life. “Beloved, we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed we shall be like He is, for we shall see Him as He is.” (I John 3:2). Our race will be over. There will be no “do-overs.” At some point after our exit from the planet we will stand with Jesus at His Bema or judgement seat and He will give us our official and final performance review. (II Corinthians 5:10) What do you think will He be looking at? Ephesians 2:10 tells us, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Will we have walked in them? Will it matter? We started this study by looking at life as a “race that is set before us” and discussing what kind of a race it is and what we can do to finish it well. Our decisions based on our beliefs about these topics will determine the priorities by which we will live and our priorities will be seen in our choices and actions. Jesus will be our only Judge. Read I John 2:15–17 and I Corinthians 3:11–15 and then let’s talk about what we think will survive the test described there. I’m with you in the race. Our thoughts about the end game are important and influence our choices that have real eternal consequence. What are your thoughts?
  • continue my race .. aiming to be a loving character, including others in my life. not insist on my plan but what is providing .. confident about my competent and insist on deep learn what have long term value (even I might feel different, isolated sometime), amen.
  • for protection for my unborn baby and a good trip home for An and spouse
  • for guidance and protection in this difficult era of the world: war, conflict, finance recession and depression
  • for ppl in authority to have the right heart and commit to God’s wills.



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My daily battles along with faith