Complete Healing of my old heart-issue (battle about title and satisfaction) and Passion to Change to this world: The world values the lowest, the serving is the highest.十二年間苦しみ続けてきた。あなたの信仰があなたを治した。

  • get fresh thinking and see how the Wind goes
  • fam increase, fam united, fam serve to the Lord’s house
  • becoming community-scope person: understand people pain/needs/goals, existing mechanism/system, develop skills that valuable and show them a glimse of God’s love
  • rest in weekend: tiring, sleep a lot but not rest (moya moya about work, manager) + the weather is cold
  • too much input in the weekend but less satisfaction: deep learning for search, papers, dual, audible book about career grow for tech managers (the manager’s path), … aws (step function, lambda, cloud formation, spart, athena etc.) too many without clear priority and purpose + doubt if all of them are purposeful and needed
  • tempted to think about the env, manager, changes .. lack of satisfaction in this chaos environment … old battle raising up (… promotion, level … career)
  • national geography channel watch together with fam
  • this fam relation, connection, unitedness, comfortability
  • fam service no longer a burden, which was a battle for years
  • ルカの福音書 5:25- link 25その中に、出血の止まらない病気で十二年間苦しみ続けてきた女がいました。 26多くの医者にかかり、さんざん苦しい目に会い、治療代で財産をすっかり使い果たしてしまいましたが、病気はよくなるどころか、悪化する一方でした。 27イエスがこれまでに行ったすばらしい奇跡を耳にした彼女は、人ごみにまぎれて近づき、背後からイエスの着物にさわりました。 28「せめて、この方の着物にでも手を触れさせていただけば、きっと治る」と考えたのです。 29さわったとたん、出血が止まり、彼女は病気が治ったと感じました。…「娘さん。あなたの信仰があなたを治したのです。もう大丈夫です。いつまでも元気でいるのですよ。」
  • Lord, have mercy on me, heal me like this women. How lucky was she and so am I. I want to praise You now, Lord. As long as I go to Your moment by moments YOur words and Your love will heal me All. Heal completely in me the obsession of be-someone in this world, with title, with measure .. this battle is hard and emotional. I want to live in the true happy world of Jesus said, where the lower is the highest, serving others is valuable world. I want to build that in my short life and leave it to the next generations, Amen.




My daily battles along with faith

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My daily battles along with faith

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