Challenge of Social Space: the difference stands out

Day 244. 2021 Aug 30 Mon. Theme=whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. ← these are the by-products coming from seeking God and His Kingdom.


  • my heart: i felt a sense of consistency in my heart that my life is at the best shape now. Even, there are no compelling about changed fact in reality to explain it to someone. I felt hard to share such a feeling to non-believers, even with my husband. Though I felt comfortable to share with other believers.
  • fam-unity: we had a day-without-event yesterday and spent almost a day at Lalaport toyosu, such a nothing-special but refreshing time. An enjoyed having lots of art-baloon and gacha-gacha. Spouse enjoyed walking a lot. I enjoyed spending time out of studying, to have a refreshed minded. We enjoyed the dim-sum a lot, all 3 of us.
  • children-discipline: An’s attitude toward CE training (memorizing stories, zukei), vnese, morning and before-bed sanitary activities .. such a great joy in the center of my little fam.

Life challenge

  • the difference-standing-out: 2 happenings recently make known to me about this: (1) group lunch with vnese sisters in Bunkyo+Toshima .. with Oah (who have working-experience in finance in vn, before moving to JP with her husband) .. the story focus was on the 3rd persons, around commenting about someone life, events e.g. house purchasing or firing people at work, … this difference felt both comfortable and unhealthy excitement. (2) this morning cafe time with spouse when he shared about his recent findings about the Buddha’s teachings, which links with book-about-無’s scientific teachings and linkage to an old book of called 7-habits. … … … I felt very challenged when listening to him. I prayed in my heart for help to overcome and how to respond wisely to him .. as I was holding anxious emotions and guilt that I am following Jesus but somehow my dear spouse is drifting away. Perhaps, I felt responsible for this happening. Now, I assume that this comes from the current choice of work. I felt responsible to the Lord. But I also recalled that God’s calling is personal. Our family could last this life if he doesn’t respond to his calling. What do I do as a christian to influence him for good?
  • (career-next-step): stay the same for spouse .. somehow he is experiencing the negative pulls .. I am comfortable with the current situation and hope to commit on a plan to have a shift in a near future (invest to science interview .. to change job)
  • (health): stay challenging to keep run, keep have refreshing family time together .. but still I need to keep pushing right in peace.

Receive: What do I do as a Christian to influence others (especially family) for good?

  • Pursue righteousness vs. “pursuit of pleasure”: Proverbs 21:17 (MSG) you’re addicted to thrills? what an empty life! the pursuit of pleasure is never satisfied.
  • Pursue love (relationships are far more important than riches): Proverbs 21:19 (MSG) better to live in a tent in the wild than with a cross and petulant spouse.
  • the Christian way: make this the aim of your life={pursue a right relationship with God, and a right relationship with others}. Proverbs 21:21 whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. ← these are the by-products coming from seeking God and His Kingdom.
  • the Christian way: Proverbs 21:26 (MSG) sinners are always wanting what they don’t have; the God-loyal are always giving what they do hve
  • apply to my life challenge: career-next-step: I’ve received that it is perhaps we are all seeking prosperity (finance) and honor (fame, significance, value-and-fun) in the career challenge, the prosperity and honor looks different in different countries or environments (e.g. in VN and general, high-sounding-title is prone to honor satisfaction .. we love senior DS better than DS, director sounds even better ..) Are we seeking inwardly for prosperity and honor. … But the way of the Lord is teaching that do not seek them directly .. or we are chasing the wind and meaninglessness. It is for us, especially who knows God, to pursuit His Kingdom, by pursuing righteousness and love in actions. The prosperity and honor are promised fruits for these commitment.
  • apply to my life challenge: the difference-standing-out: .. my experience in social connection is still very limited (relatively compared to exposure at work) .. so it is still very unclear about what do I seek to achieve in the social space. For now, it seems to be a necessary part of heathy life, at least to avoid the pitfall of isolation. having more fun. … but the challenge of social connection is this: the difference-standing-out: how to maintain a heart of loving and not-rejecting .. is difficult. What are the Lord’s ways to overcome it. For now, I know it is to look at someone with love!!! I look to discover the depth of this new paradigm of social connection with Jesus.


  • Thank you for this time and for your wonderful reminder that the aim of my life should be your Kingdom, and for me to gain understanding that we all after prosperity, honor and a satisfied life. But these threes are promised by-products of seeking You, Lord.
  • Strengthen me with your wisdom, Lord. Exposure myself further in the social connection and to be deepen in your wisdom and practice and have love being a part of my being. amen.



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