Called to Shift daily activities to welcome Ri. Day #10: we need Wisdom to overcome trial. Wisdom is connected with worship and love of God. Wisdom is the ‘God perspective’ on life. Wisdom is a balanced view of God’s faithfulness in the past and faith in the future. 喜びなさい. 確信して願い求めなさい.

… 喜びなさい .. 忍耐を養う良いチャンス .. 完全に成長した .. 強い人になれる .. 願い求める人には .. あふれるばかりの知恵を授けて .. 神は必ず答えてくださると確信して願い求めなさい.

Oct 18


  • healing: my swollen leg got healed after a night. how grateful I am for this quick help
  • quick action and better sleep: to purchase あずき, avoid pho to reduce salt etc., massage and ofuro. My old-me won’t be able to respond quickly as it is now. deeply grateful for this change that I experience repeatedly everyday.
  • social blessing: we’ve received many care and gifts from friends, not happen before: people gave us old baby stuffs with eager, and new gifts sent to our home. how deeply gratefully we are.
  • see Ri soon: the womb has opened for 1cm, we’ll see her soon.
  • close distance w. spouse and shared habit/interest: skinship time, massage his head gives a mutual good connection for us and for the children. enjoyed watching again the series of da vinci movies
  • Ri’s milestone: 2840g, she smiles when we saw her through the ultrasound scan. yesterday I felt nervous and tiring but today, her smile is so adorable to me. I am so so
  • An’s milestone: she loves drawing and creating her own spy-fam draw collection every night. She got 90 for kanji sapix test and shared with us one kanji that she did not know (me neither). She seems so confident with kanji and kokugo. I really hope she enjoy it and expand more on it.
  • Spouse’s milestone: 🛫 his mid-term evaluation mtg sounds a bit challenging and critical to me, but I was surprised to hear from him that he felt nothing negative, and that he has lots of time and commit to the feedback. I was impressed about his honesty and attitude toward work. Indeed, he has his own blessed character from the Lord.
  • My milestone: change priority to be ready to welcome Ri anytime. level up my physical strength for the next season, which I feel that it will be not only the knowledge but expanding socially, amen.
  • lots of satisfaction in understanding more about Builder Hub tools
  • new tool to track/improve my physical strength: app 睡眠


  • slacking of sleep, sleep quality revealed by the apple watch’s 睡眠 app
  • brain activities, memory drop
  • 🌸faith on my next step: aim for a data science manager but there is a gap of a specific target. continue thing big and commit small. I know and feel that It won’t be just about technical skills but social expansion under the Lord’s ways.
  • 🌸target #1: physical strength level up for a purposeful productivity in listen, follow and commit on my plans while praying about it. Step by step level up the quality of EAT, SLEEP, EXERCISE, SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP, INPUT/OUTPUT
  • house reorganization for better sleep: start on clean house for a better night time spending: table and my room
  • house reorganization to welcome grandpa and a long time living together

Receive: Day #10: how to overcome trial. We need Wisdom.

  • A trial is a battle in the mind
  • Throughout the Old Testament, 🌸wisdom is connected with the worship and love of God.
  • 🌸wisdom is the ‘God perspective’ on life. Wisdom is learning to allow God to give us glimpses of the picture as He sees it
  • 🌸 Wisdom is a balanced view that looks beyond the chaos of the here and now. Wisdom looks BACK to God’s faithfulness in the past and looks FORWARD to the future where God wipes away our tears. Wisdom looks UP to God in faith, AROUND to those who can help us, and DOWN on our problems.
  • ヤコブの手紙 1:2–8 愛する皆さん。あなたがたの人生は、多くの困難と誘惑に満ちていますか。そうであれば喜びなさい。 3行く道が険しければ、それは忍耐を養う良いチャンスとなるからです。 4忍耐力を十分に養いなさい。さまざまな問題が持ち上がった時、そこから逃げ出そうともがいてはいけません。忍耐力が十分身につけば、完全に成長した、どんなことにもびくともしない、強い人になれるでしょう。
  • 5神が何を望んでおられるか知りたいなら、遠慮なく、直接尋ねなさい。神は喜んで教えてくださいます。願い求める人には、神はいつでも惜しみなく、あふれるばかりの知恵を授けてくださるからです。そのことで、決してとがめたりはなさいません。 6–8ただ、その場合、神は必ず答えてくださると確信して願い求めなさい。疑う人の心は、風に波立つ水面のように不安定なものです。そんな疑いの心では、主に何を期待してもむだです。


  • Thank you for being so close to me and my family, for being so quickly in healing and helping us everyday, amen.
  • I pray for safe delivery of Ri and healing for my body. I have a plan to breastfeed her but I will look on You for help, Lord. Help me to be reasonable and sensible to what You will bring as the result.
  • I pray for safe arrival of grandpa and for Your light in our family through unity shows them and show them the goodness of knowing You as God, amen.
  • Open my eyes of faith for the next season, Lord. Bless me and give me success in my plans of deep learn/output and be ready for next career plus expanding in social relationship together with my expanding fam, amen.



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