Called to Morning worship and calmness and joy again. Day #11: The Lion and the Lamp. Who am I for my fam and people surrounding me? What are the God’s perspectives for human suffering happening right now: war, energy crisis, conflict among the countries, plague, earthquake, cries of the persecution. I need to pray for them All more, for the world.

Oct 22


  • morning worship: it’s been days of low mode, probably due to sleep disorder, which caused me to lose focus on joy and gratefulness but every tiny distraction: news, grandpa’s room, cdk, … emptyness. But I am called to go back to the morning worship time, which is and will burn me again for joy, amen.
  • my milestone: trigger was what to cook to welcome grandpa, spouse and I had different view, but I took his as a feedback :)
  • An milestone: trigger she came home happy announced that she had 250 soroban items and that she would finish the current book soon. She’s shown focus for 30–40 items easily and more less reluctant in making plan for the next soroban. Plus, school prep can be done by herself quickly in 10min (with incentive to watch movie w. mom and dad ^^). 🛫 new stop for hamigaki and bath before finish out night movie time so An and I can just jump to bed right away when we feel asleep.
  • spouse milestone: awareness of protecting health by running (not committing yet) and accepting his job as it is for now
  • survival night: another day prayer answered that no labor happening at night (I was fear that I don’t have strength to bear birth during the night, I am so tiring during the day and night)
  • movie night: death note


  • the suffering: conquest (by war?), conflict, famine and plague, the cries of the persecuted and earthquakes
  • ヨハネ暗示録 5:5 ごらんなさい。ユダ族からでたライオン、ダビデの家から出た方が勝利を得たので、あの巻物を開き、7つの封印を解くことができます。
  • 7 seven seals, 7 suffering of the world? because of sin? Only Jesus who won victory over obedience can open and bring understand, perspective to them, I am wondering?! I need to pray for understanding and continue my ways of obedience and humble ways of the Lord


  • Thank you for these quiet and peaceful days in our family and that You are increasing our family.
  • I pray for safety of Ri and healing for my body, success for my desire to raise her with breastfeeding, amen.
  • I pray for a sustainable habit of committing to exercise habit to protect and increase physical strength for my whole family, especially for spouse and myself
  • I pray for deepening relationship with grandpa in the coming 3 months and for their opportunities to see Your light and blessing on my fam, amen.
  • I pray for Your perspective and guidance in this season and prep for the next season, Lord. How to balance between our skill-up, work/service and time for children and for each other in family.



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