Called to help build a healthy exercise habit for grandparent. Money Wisdom Day 2: ‘Do not withhold good…when it is in your power to act.’

Oct 26. Day 4 w. grandpa


  • grandpa is here: grateful for this 🛫warm atmosphere, 🛫good food, 🛫love and grandpa connection for An and 🛫lots of rest for myself.
  • sleep trouble: lots of sleep during the day so not feeling so tiring at all
  • An’s milestone: getting closer to grandpa, missed on soroban but still happy at home (could be the effect from grandpa)
  • our house rearranged I thought I need to do it but the help comes from grandpa. I am so grateful for their wisdom and love for us.
  • progress w. aws cdk: so grateful for this ability in the middle of season transition.

Next, what needs to be changed🌸

  • spouse seems to have sleep disorder
  • grandma too much works of cooking and cleaning for her
  • a humidifier is needed
  • grandparent needs a exercise habit for a sustainable health → 🌸 bring grandma to botanic garden to see if she likes it and it becomes a exercise habit for her.
  • 🛫 learn cooking from grandma

Receive: Money Wisdom Day #2: Someday trap

  • ‘Do not withhold good…when it is in your power to act.’ Proverbs 3:27 NIV
  • 🌸“God will give you more only when you use what He’s already given you
  • “Help me live with a generous spirit, and to 🌸be a blessing at every opportunity
  • 箴言 知恵の泉 3:27–28 人に何か頼まれたら、すぐにしてあげなさい。「いつかそのうち」などと、先に延ばしてはいけません。


  • safety, health and strength for and smooth delivery of Ri. I am so looking forward to this 2nd big blessing, a fam member, You’ve granted us, Lord
  • healthy habit and healing for grandpa and grandma and spouse
  • deepen connection between us, especially An and Ri to grandparents.
  • my strength to continue this season with trust, reflection on Your faithful act and growing hope to the future.
  • Thank you for my ability to enjoy this new environment so quickly. I know this change and strength is from You, Lord. amen.



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