Called to Build Healthy habit for Grandparent. Money Day 3. 少ししか与えられない者は、少ししか受け取れないということです。It is a law “whoever sows generously will also reap generously”

Oct 27


  • step 1 to build exercise habit to grandma
  • sleep quality improved, not waking up at 3 am
  • aws cdk, learn how to code construct and grant permission etc.

Next — continue

  • health of grandparent: build up exercise habit while being with us
  • pray for grandparent’s sickness
  • spouse sleep disorder, invite him to walk in the morning
  • bind relationship between children and them
  • aws cdk testing constructs and pipeline, output with an article
  • ??? learn cooking from grandma ??? think again

Next — career step

  • research and dive deep, search data, data processing pipeline
  • implementation and training of state of the art of training DL NLP model
  • deploy ML pipeline to production
  • evaluation metrics, experiment, statistical test, large scale evaluation e.g. A/B testing or alternatives
  • MLOps

Receive — Money Giant Day #3. Another look at your sowing

  • I have only seeds. “For God .. will give you more and more seed to [sow] and will make it grow so that you can give away more and more”. God gives seed only to sowers; so keep sowing.
  • the seed you sow will never leave your life. it moves just from where you are today to where you’ll be tomorrow. It is a law “whoever sows generously will also reap generously” Corinthians 9:6 NIV, Selah.
  • God will often ask you to give what you’d like to keep. Because giving proves you’ve conquered self-interest.
  • コリント II 9:6 少ししか与えられない者は、少ししか受け取れないということです。


  • safe deliver of Ri and healing for my body + success of my breastfeeding plan
  • beautiful 姉妹 inside and outside, amen. and for us sufficient wisdom/capacity to walk with them during their life
  • deepen relationship with grandparents and build up their exercise habit, amen.
  • trust in God in my next step career, amen.



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