Called to Build Healthy habit for Grandparent. Money Day 3: ask yourself “what can I not live without?” a relationship, a job, a goal ??? お金を愛する心を捨て、いま与えられているもので満足しなさい.

Oct 28.


  • exercise habit for grandma, day 2, walking for 40 min
  • grateful for this season that we all adapting to new environment of having grandparents here with us
  • deep learn: cdk practice with real aws account and CD experience with cdk pipeline

Next — continue

  • output for cdk workshop
  • bring grandma and An to donkihote
  • library book about gout disease
  • news catching up

Next — career step

  • research and dive deep, search data, data processing pipeline
  • implementation and training of state of the art of training DL NLP model
  • deploy ML pipeline to production
  • evaluation metrics, experiment, statistical test, large scale evaluation e.g. A/B testing or alternatives
  • MLOps

Receive: Giant Money series

  • “Be satisfied with what you have” yet many of us base our self-worth on what we own or achieve.
  • ask yourself “what can I not live without?” is there somebody you’re afraid will leave you? a job you’re too involved in? something you need to accomplish before you feel complete???
  • it is both scriptural and wise to have goals for live, but don’t undermine yourself by believing that you’re “less than” because you’ve achieved less than someone else.
  • The Scriptures teach that when you make God’s purposes your number one priority, “He will .. give you all you need .. for it gives Father great happiness to give you”
  • お金を愛する心を捨て、いま与えられているもので満足しなさい。神はこう約束しておられます。「わたしはどんな場合にもあなたの期待にそむかず、あなたを見捨てない」 申命 31.6


  • safe and good health for Ri, smooth delivery soon and success of my breastfeeding plan
  • deepen relationship with grandparent for the whole fam, exercise habit for grandma and healing for grandpa disease of gout
  • God-based-confidence and continue on my next step career



My daily battles along with faith

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