Boldness to Raise Our Voices toward Transparent Women Leaders (Know & Fight the Right Enemies)

  • I felt more comfortable to talk out loud my own perception: my unpleasant vs. PM roles (context: I saw SL OP1 plan having owners name w/o myself even I am contributing directly to make good and effective content. my creativity on DS side is invisible to leadership, also means the unfair evaluation e.g. PM is evaluated by initiatives, and ideas and visible in the doc, while tech role like me must wait until the product is launched e.g. Kimono case and must bear impressive number). I didn’t feel comfortable yesterday night, I prayed about it for God to keep my heart clean. I talked with spouse this morning coffee time, even he didn’t say much, I didn’t feel comfortable to share it out loud. I still need to keep trust my activities to the Lord and be respectful to PM peers, but if things continue to be like this, I don’t see reason for me to bear the unfairness, which give the Devil the chance to grow within myself the unnecessary unsatisfaction and hostility. Still, I don’t rely on my own judgement, I will continue praying for guidance and wash from the Lord. amen
  • Lord, I trust in Your ways and Your love from the bottom of my heart. I desire only Your ways and guidance as my experience has taught me how good and powerful You are. I am happy with everything You’ve been bringing to my life: Your love, Your Words of life, family, relationship mending, hope and now boldness.
  • I pray for protection of my heart: even in this mid of temptation to feel unfair and tend to feel hostile to the human peers (while the injustice might occur in the society structure, as the vast scheme of the Devil), I want to commit my heart to You, so that I can see the truth and see my real enemies in the spiritual forces, not going against my human peers.
  • I pray for Your wisdom and eyes to see the steps you are preparing for me, with courage and boldness. amen
  • Acts 16: CSB JCB: Paul selects Timothy. Evangelization of Europe (way to Asia was forbidden by the Lord). Lydia’s conversion. Paul and Silas in Prison. A midnight deliverance. An official apology.
  • continue to raise our voices and concerns in boldness and transparency, with the eyes beyond the situation (that we are fighting the spiritual forces, not the people) and that even the reward/success are fruit-in-season .. it is good blessing but not that we aim for.
  • receive: walk in the right direction, the way under God’s blessings so that I would become blessings for others, the outsiders around me
  • receive: resist temptation, resist to give in to negative emotions but stand still and look around with God eyes and see what beyond that situation. That is also a walk within the Lord’s direction.
  • receive: believe that God is directing me one step of a time, despite what I planned. Seeking His guidance everyday, see things w. His eyes. amen
  • TALK it OVER: I gained a new understanding today. Walk w. God or walk in the ways that promise God’s blessings. These blessings are the personal reward/encouragement/strengthening for myself, but it is also make me a-blessing-for-people-around-me e.g. my family, friends, colleagues and beyond. This mechanism has been studied by smart people in Harvard Business School and they call them w. different names e.g. leadership influence. It makes sense as when an individual acts for the benefits of the team/community, he/she would gain reward in forms of recognition, promotion, trust and influence power. But the gap between God’s mechanism and these human guidance is at what is the purpose of his/her effort. If it is aimed to gain influence, recognition for myself, this path has a well-known steep pitfall: success in influencing others triggers hunger for more success and power and the pitfalls are also well-known buddies: emptiness, a sense of meaningless (recall the book Ecclesiastes). Why? support/trust from people are uncontrollable and would vanish as soon as there is a new person or a new trend arrive. He/She will be forgotten very soon (recall same saying somewhere in Psalm). I assume that this is how the devil twists God’s wisdom (mechanism) to invite people into sophisticated trap of these pitfalls (the same way the Serpent twists Eve into the wisdom of knowing Good and Evail). On the other hand, Under God’s way, it is for me to aim to gain God’s blessings, not rewards from people. The biproduct of gaining God’s blessings is the being-a-blessing-to-others. Then, I would be able to enjoy support, influence from people, but I know beforehand that these are only fruits-in-season (unstable, will disappear when season shift) and they are not the purpose of my efforts. amen. PERFECT UNITY in 2021 What do I AIM for when I tried to build the biblical UNITY in my life companies?
  • First, I AIM to gain God’s blessings by walk in His ways, His direction EVERYDAY, which requires me to invest time to LISTEN and MEDIATE in quietness
  • Second, I can enjoy the fruit-in-season such as success, trust, support from others, but REMEMBER and acknowledge that these are not my aims, they will disappear soon when the season shift (new person come, new trend come) amen



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