Birth labor is almost here. Peace and Joy in only one intelligent activity a day. Work challenge from last year in navigate the right thing to do together w. manager rather than take it as a assignment. 何事も心配しないで、どんな時でも神に祈りなさい。そして、祈りに答えてくださる神に感謝しましょう。そうすれば、人間の理解をはるかに超えた、すばらしい神の平安を経験します。キリスト・イエスにあって、その平安はあなたがたの心と思いを静め、安らかにしてくれるのです。

Oct 08, Sat. 37w4d


  • finance help: I am grateful for the finance help Lord is bringing to us. I thought about it but our life quality is just getting better rather drop. I don’t know how it would be from the coming months, but I will put trust in the Lord. amen. and commit on saving wisely, amen.
  • birth labor?: I was anxious if the birth labor would come at night but my prayer was answered. I feel Ri and this moment of worship is so peaceful and wonderful
  • home env: spouse and An enjoyed watching dragon ball at night
  • An’s milestone: more independence in prepare for school tomorrow. she did most of it by herself. Morning and night sanitary habits also shaping it form. She doesn’t hate sapix anymore. Soroban still caused her unwilling sometime. But overall, I am so grateful for this season capacity that we somewhat shape her basic habits. 🛫 ofuro, bath, do-not remind her but let her start the habits by herself.
  • spouse’s milestone: run, health. He seems to accept the current job env that allow him to have time to pick and drop off An everyday. He said maybe he couldn’t or he doesn’t want to change job anymore more.
  • my milestone: deep learn about MLOps excited me but triggered questions within whether it is the right investment for my DS career. Deep read the news and output about the world news also creating in me the confidence. Thank you Lord.


From 2021/09/15

🛫thanksgiving: work-relation-work-env: communication with manager, leadership has improved. opportunity for broader scope seems to exist .. of course without clear guarantee. Still, it it a great chance to deepen experience within business key concerns. and opportunity to practice God’s wisdom: I come to serve and help, not to ask and get .. so that the taste of prosperous life can be seen.

🌸challenge: work-env: 「restless when standing before new tasks with uncertainty」. this somehow coming from the desire to solve the problem all by myself, but the 「expectation looks to be communicate and navigate it together with manager」.

🌸challenge: anxiety timing and priorities: priorities and timing are totally out of control. 「I didn’t plan for interview but interview w. google coming at this moment. given, we’ve been praying for 2nd child. and a potential occupied Q4」. these all events happening at the same time doesnot seem right and trigger 「restless moment, as well as focus and distraction」.

Trade anxiety with prayer for peace

ピリピ手紙 4:6–7 (JCB) 何事も心配しないで、どんな時でも神に祈りなさい。そして、祈りに答えてくださる神に感謝しましょう。そうすれば、人間の理解をはるかに超えた、すばらしい神の平安を経験します。キリスト・イエスにあって、その平安はあなたがたの心と思いを静め、安らかにしてくれるのです。


  • Lord, thank you for reverse my 🌸labor from last night. I pray for it to come in the day time, Lord. I need Your strength so much now, Lord. In Jesus name, amen.
  • Help to grow in the area of 🌸communicating with managers the right thing to do, rather holding a mindset of assignment and I have to solve the problem all by myself. amen 🛫
  • Please help 🌸bring grandpa come to help us, please Lord.
  • and guide me about the 🌸right things to do in this season, especially in the coming 2–3 weeks, amen.



My daily battles along with faith

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