Big fam. 2 hours talk w. distant brother. What can I do for him and the next generation of my big fam, Lord?

Aug 26. Last day of being alone, amen.

箴言 知恵の泉 9:10 10知恵の基本は、主を恐れ、大切にすることです。物事がよくわかるようにしたければ、まず神を知りなさい。


  • expansion view and connection: long chat w. a.arik about the experience of getting into Cornel. God recommendation to explore a way that my child excel in the national level
  • social network: lunch w. 3 moms at a new good restaurant, authentic sharing
  • big fam connect: 2 hours talking w. brother instead of a movie. glad that I might have an opportunity to teach them japanese. other big things, I need to consult with the Lord
  • something to look forward to today: chat w. p.retie, an interview w. MSD and my last lazy and quiet day
  • my radar: 40s future uncertainty of my big fam and the next generation. What can I do, Lord ?


  • pregnancy: walk more, sleep well
  • pray for open doors for my brothers and next step for the kids


  • 箴言 知恵の泉 9:10 10知恵の基本は、主を恐れ、大切にすることです。


  • “It’s time for you to pass wisdom on to those you know.”
  • Faith renewed. Dreams realized.

1st fruit for Sep: 🛫SELF-DISCIPLINE🛫: guard my mind for God by first choose daily activities wise that keep my mind open and not-full to be able to ready and filled w. gratefulness and wise judgement.

  • challenge in Aug: (1) mental capacity everyday (SELF-DISCIPLINE): _a_ self-doubt about incompetence and _b_ not ready in decent attire
  • challenge in Aug: (2) joy in doing things (BE CONTENT and REJOY): _c_ deep-learn things and _d_ share time to teach and shape children lives
  • challenge in Aug: (3) build teams and groups (GET ALONG WELL w. PEOPLE): _e_ inclusive culture and _f_ harmony for conflict of interests
  • next step for our tech career with satisfying skill growth and harmony with fam demand in the new season
  • next step as a church leader, who commit to bring family to church and open Sunday for service and build up good social network at church.
  • next step in discipline and take care of our children purposefully
  • next step as a social glue for working moms, working women



My daily battles along with faith

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