Apply God’s Resurrection’s Principle to My Career Challenge

Day 235. 2021 Aug 21 Sat. Theme = God’s resurrection’s principle. Die to be made new, as designed originally by God. Fight God’s WW battles by praying for the leaders and judges.


  • fam- unity: great sense of togetherness in enjoying life together, without unnecessary pressure of daily activities. This week’s piano recital (発表会) was a refreshing and joyful timeout together. Spouse is actively in event management and adjustment for event of An e.g. ballet recital, swimming, CE (due to schedule change in Sep & Oct which affect the swimming classes). We shared and talked about An’s needs and requests e.g. hanabi at Kyoikumori park etc.
  • fam- discipline: An’s enjoying our ehon time on bed and as the consequence, she becomes willingly to commit to sanity habit before bed by herself (tooth brush, face wash, skincare). An’s positive and making progress with VNese classes (thankful for a good children-loving teacher).
  • fam-health: spouse and I both share deeply same thought about important to keep good health. we’ve started jogging this week.
  • career-studying: we had this morning time sharing and learning about financial models and thought exchange on deep learning. we lack strategy and direction but we believe that we should continue study together.
  • life-discovery: somehow been led to a old book but relevant for now (研究者の仕事術). Also found a concrete book to start learning PyTorch as a deep learning framework.

Life challenge

  • fam-health: An’s eating habit staying concerning
  • fam-discipline: An’s attitude in cleanup for her room. An’s morning sanitary habit (tooth brush, face wash, skincare, cloth change).
  • career-challenge: same concern shared between spouse and myself about the future career next step.
  • social-connection: the eventful and indiscipline last month (search team, Olympic games, Kim Dung watches) has blocked the connection with Elaine and Life house kids for An
  • world-issue: Covid19 is expanding seriously in both JP and VN and WW. Afghan and US military withdraw are concerning and nation-wide security and human rights for women in Afghan etc.

Receive: God’s battles, not mine: World-issue and Career challenge

  • resurrection principle (a seed must die to be made new .. this could be true to our body, it must die to be made new .. by the Lord) コリントの信徒への手紙I 15:36 .. 畑を見れば分かるではありませんか。まいた種はまず死ななければ芽を出しません。…その種から出る緑の芽は、はじめの種とは全く別物です。…神様はその種にそれぞれにふさわしい、美しく新しい体を与えてくださいます。← ← ← Thought: do I need to “die” in my thought of career challenge, to be made new by the Lord. In the Lord ‘s way, perhaps, forget about my own growth, promotion, but purely inspired by the problems given and serve others as if work for the Lord. amen
  • World issues are God’s battles: 歴代誌 II 19:11 (assign judges, leaders)王は最後にこう言いました。「それぞれの職務に対し、恐れることなく誠心誠意あたりなさい。どうか、神があなたがたを用いて、正しい者の味方としてくださるように」


  • Thank you for our good lives in this challenging history time (Covid19 and US-CN political games and its impact on nations and human rights). I believe that those and Your battles not our to solve. My work is to play my roles at where you put me and pray for the leader .. so that they You will use them to protect the weak and the righteous. amen
  • Help me to practice your resurrection principle and apply to my family’s career challenges. Reminder us to work heartfully, forget our own benefits, serve and support others as if we serve You. Help us and break out thought of career challenge and resurrect and make them new, in Jesus name, amen.
  • Please guide us, spouse and myself with your wise ways to disciple and take well care of our children, now and to come, especially in eating habit. amen.

My daily battles along with faith