Anxiety step #4: Come/Join to Serve, not to Ask or Get, so that for a Taste of Prosperous Life is Seen

  • children-discipline: An’s eating volume has increased a bit. She tends to ate almost the dinner which I served. even it hasn’t increased that much about vegies, but her refusing on food at serving time has dropped a lot. Same with CE training and vnese study.
  • fam-contentment: morning breakfast and cafe with spouse continues well. he’s enjoying foobar of google code challenges, despite it is not a promise of hiring, still he seems to enjoy it a lot. And I believe it is a good kikkake for him to invest with focus on coding practice.
  • work-contentment: the air seems to seek more for my support: uylnait, asil, noai, reteip .. these are the good sights of trust and reliability. I want to keep pushing to test my ability to cope with the larger business scope, not to test the will of others .. in helping me to be promoted.
  • children-discipline: An’s sleeping time tend to shift about 30min late as I get more mentally occupied with work. An’s morning tooth brushing, ofuro also not continue. I need a better mechanism to fulfill this mission of a mother. For now, it is the tradeoff of my time capacity and the quality she receive. Can it be different, Lord? Can I develop help from spouse?
  • fam-contentment: I observed an unstability in physical and mental capacity in spouse. he started loosing some sleep after a few days intensively focus on the code challenge, plus lack of exercise. What can I do to direct him for good, Lord?
  • work-contentment: complexity of the business growth problem stays challenging as it is unclear how much I can do , how much should I propose. I do feel that I lack understanding about data, available metrics. As a business professional, it requires bias-for-action and seek supports from peers to get things done, ask, survey, propose and get feedbacks, the endless rotation probably the right mechanism. The source is the strong mentality from the Lord: deny doubt if the way is right, keep ask the Lord for guidance, do not give up encountering challenges .. until godly patience built up and I will become a completed-growth-person, as promised, amen. Trust not the timing of success in human’s hands, but in the Lord’s hands.
  • keywords: communication line between the commanding force and its troops. door of confusion and disconnection. biggest tactic of enemy is to cut the communication line and connection with God. so we got confused about (1) who we are (2) if God presents with us (3) the hope we had in Christ
  • エペソの手紙 6:16 (JCB)どんな戦いにも、守りの盾(たて)として必要なのは信仰です。 … 救いのかぶと(hat)をかぶり、御霊の下さる剣である神のことばを手にしなさい。
  • ヨハネ 10:10 (JCB)強盗は盗んだり、殺したり、滅干したりするために来ます。しかしわたしが来たのは、いのちをあふれるほど豊かに与えるためです。 ←←← inspired about my mental model at work .. I come to them .. not to squeeze for money, promotion .. but the give them goods .. the good experience to work with someone who is God inside .. to give them a taste of somewhat いのちをあふれるほど豊かな ★★★★★
  • Thank you for teaching me today about your metal model to practice at the work place to fight the unhealthy anxiety which must be the tactics of the evil forces for myself. I learn and will apply this Godly mental that I 強盗 come to kill and rob, but I come in the Spirit of the Lord, so that my neighbors might have the chance to taste what it called いのちをあふれるほど豊かな life, through interaction and receive support and encouragement from myself. I need not to put airs, I just need to be truely humble to God, faithfully committing to serve them, as of serving the Lord. amen
  • I pray that you bless my plans to help my org with the dive deep analysis for our org.
  • I pray for a 2nd beautiful and healthy child to join us, Lord.
  • but Let everything be accordingly to your plans, as I am content with it, amen.



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