3rd of rest. 3つの強さ: trained to unlock myself (soldier), to obey (athlete) and for my mission (farmer).

  • wonderful night, picking white hair for spouse and reflection about our conversation w. our friends. grateful that both of us not holding difficult emotions. And 🛫 especially I felt like I received an understanding that when us/human in a difficult situation (gaman something) it is difficult to be able to see things as it is, one example is a discuss whether we direct our children for higher education because of a guarantee for their future job or richness, or it is for a journey of experience that prepare them for adulthood.
  • grateful for friends connection that opens house for An to stay in their home with the kids. next time prepare for tomarikai for An before going to their house.
  • grateful for a (God) prepared good house condition and mentality to welcome CG’s fam visit and bring the omutu-cake for us. This is new 🛫
  • we were able to help a troubled mom with an injured child, I was so grateful to see our men friends helped hold the child to a nearby ambulance center. May God bless them for what they do. I mentioned that at dinner and I hope the children see and learn from them as good examples
  • dinner: we had good dinner together and a relaxing night.
  • An’s new milestone: she agreed to wash her hair by herself so that she can watch 30 mins of what she likes 🛫 Lord, grand us wisdom to train her better, amen
  • grateful for this wonderful 3 days quiet. smile of joy in my face now, Lord.
  • grateful that spouse seems to be excited about numerize and want to focus on it. I desire to get along side with him, be a cheering for him. I pray for good companion for him in this journey, amen.
  • 🛫 stretch, walk, saponpas .. was helping me feeling better w. my leg condition
  • appetite control
  • leg: more walk, stretch and massage for my leg
  • being more loving and inclusive to others .. continue practicing a leader (w. title) spirit and expand connection
  • prepare to pray and decide a right target for the coming season, but with a spirit of surrender to God’s plans, bring-along everyday, amen.
  • The good soldier, the athlete and the farmer.
  • 2 Timothy 2:3–6 NKJV: you therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. The hardworking farmer must be first to partake of the crops.
  • 3つの強さ: trained to unlock myself, to obey and for my mission
  • Good soldier: not give up because of HARDSHIP. aim to OBEY their commander, not distracted by worldly things, but to take delight in obeying Christ, until the VICTORY. (trained to unlocked myself)
  • Athlete: compete according to the RULES and cannot make them up. running w. God can feel so tiring that we maybe tempted to take shortcuts e.g. continue living in sin and justify by saying God will forgive all sins. However, we are to run the race according to God’s Words. No shortcuts. Take delight in FOLLOW the RULEs and run to complete the race and win the finished PRIZE. (trained to obey)
  • Farmer: WORK HARD to reap the harvest, but must first partake their share of the crops. Likewise, we first eat spiritual food, then be PATIENT to and GIVE to OTHERs (get along with others). We are to work hard and patiently for the HARVEST of God’s Kingdom. (trained for my mission)
  • キリスト・イエスのりっぱな兵士(働き手)として、私と苦しみを共にしてください。 4キリストの兵士となった以上、この世のさまざまな事に心を奪われていてはなりません。そんなことでは、キリストの兵の一員にしてくださった方を悲しませるだけです。 5ルールに違反した競技者が失格し、賞を得ることができないのと同様に、主の仕事に携わる人も、主の規則に従わなければなりません。 6身を粉にして働いた農夫が、多くの収穫をあげるのは当然です。ですから、あなたも一生懸命働きなさい。 7いま挙げた例をよく考えなさい。主は、私が言っていることを理解する力を、必ずあなたに与えてくださいます。
  • for An’s new milestone in eating habit and sanitary habits
  • for Ri’s beautiful and health and normal birth
  • for physical strength for spouse and myself and all of my fam and friends’ fam
  • for wise companion for spouse
  • for me to know God’s plan for me in this new season, amen.



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My daily battles along with faith