3 days to Rest and Celebrate new season. Learnt how to encourage the young generation w. our love/care. Pray for wise companion for spouse, blessed season w. health recovery, joy and expanding connection and deep learn. Pray for protection from anxiety of finance situation and wisdom to use them wise in this season.

  • new season! maternity leave started today. I’d like to take 3 days (this consequent 3 holidays) to take rest and celebrate it. So grateful for encountering it now. Grateful for 2 good months: Aug and Sep.
  • An ’s milestone w. Sapix: she starts liking it and want to do 4 sheets per day rather than 2 sheets. Yesterday there were a question required multiple combination, I heard she said muzukashii but then she finished it by herself.
  • good dinner: grateful that we have the finance blessing to have oisix of one of our easy solution. I was able to add spare rib soup to our meal.
  • An ‘s milestone w. eating: An loves the soup. She didn’t finish the hayashi-rice but she then finished it later (unexpectedly) before she ask for a snack. 🛫 she understands and follows my advice.
  • good lunch w. spouse: time w. him has become so easy lately. I donot need to be the wise companion for him.
  • spouse’s health milestone: he started quiet time before bed and with other mental change, his sneezing showed healthier sighs. I am so grateful, Lord. I believe that You are working on him.
  • celebration: lots of conan watching w. An yesterday
  • sleep trouble is draining me
  • leg cramps increasing and more serious, it took time to get back
  • exercise for pregnancy period, especially the last period
  • bad eating habit, appetite during the night and before bed
  • nutrition for the last period (milk power)
  • dropped income in the coming 6 months
  • anxiety about whether to do some arubaito or not
  • A spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
  • Encourage the young generation — テモテへのパウロの思いやり
  • テモテ手紙 II.3 テモテよ。私はあなたのことをどんなに神に感謝しているか知れません。毎日、あなたのために祈り、長い夜も、何度となく思い出しては、どうかあなたに祝福があるようにと願い求めています。
  • Thank you Lord for closing another season and opening a new one now. I don’t know what You’ll show me but bless me in this season Lord with very good health, joy, expanding connection and deep learning. Mostly of All, to live everyday with a holy capacity that is pleasing and ready for Your guide. amen.
  • I pray for wise companion for spouse, myself and purposes and targets for this new season Lord.
  • I pray for blessing in term of finance, Lord. Don’t let us hold on to anxiety. But give us wisdom to use Your already-given finance blessing wise, starting today, amen.



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