2WeekOff #0: Start Counting

Day 290. 21oct15 fri. Theme = Praying and Thanking for Everyone is pleasing God and helping us to lead a tranquil and quiet life


  • work transition: almost done. I’m thankful that journal of yesterday and life group connect clicked and lead me to a relationship healing. Trust in His promise of rescue and giving the right words to 言い返すことば .. and the moment I laughed at the end of the mtg, I knew it was healed. The best thing is I am having 2 weeks off from next week. huraaaaa
  • sleep quality: I’m glad I caught the issue from pp’s indirect question (put the mattress this way works for you), we made a small bed for him quickly and the before bed time was special for 3 of us
  • favorite from people: I felt it and it tastes sweet. reteip asked for a 5 min just to say goodbye and offer monthly connect. uylnait shared the monthly review result and that he is proud about the result and that i should take it as the good memory. mij email also clicked on the flow. favorite tastes sweet, indeed. always. this time at least I can enjoy it better the previous time. thanks to the Lord


  • Pray for Everyone and Thank Fog for them: テモテ 12:1 JCB 次のことを勧めます。すべての人のために、神のあわれみが注がれるよう熱心に祈り、とりなしなさい(取りなしなさい)。そして、やがて彼らにも恵みが与えられると信じて、感謝しなさい。また、すべての重い責任を負っている人たちのために祈りなさい。それは、私たちが主を深く思いながら、平安のうちに落ち着いた一生を過ごすためです。そうするのはたいへん良いことで、救い主である神に喜んで頂けることです。 → → → Thought: pray for, hope for and thank for everyone (for people with authority), this pleases God and helps us to “lead tranquil (sense of a stable condition without influenced by external events) and quiet (emotional sense) life in all godliness and dignity”
  • Trust, Love, きよさ for women: 神を敬う女は、はでな髪型や宝石、高価な衣装によってではなく、良い行いとやさしいふるまいによって自分を飾りなさい。


  • Lead me more into your world and Words, Lord. grant me understanding
  • Grant me a good rest and refresh start of new job season, amen.

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